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7 Things To Do In Bali

7 Things To Do In Bali

I was so unsure about what I wanted to do after graduating university, it was either stay in London working in retail part-time whilst finishing my internship or move back home (Manchester) and look for a graduate job without worrying about my part-time hours on minimum wage keeping me afloat month after month! As It was I was so stressed with my dissertation deadline getting closer and closer, staying up ‘til 6 in the morning researching. Don’t get me wrong I ADORED my dissertation topic but it was hard work.
Anyway, moving on… the day I submitted my final copy, I was so over the moon I cried, literal tears guys. I was so happy with myself and loving life on one hunnid, I had a few weeks left before moving back home because with a little help from a friend, I decided to treat myself. With what you ask? A one-way ticket to Baliiiiiiiii! Yes, I moved back home to save as much money as I could before doing the clichΓ© six-month S.E.A tour. The route of my trip was Bali, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and last stop Thailand. As I continue blogging I will add hyperlinks which will lead to a “7 things to do in …” post! So why not start from the beginning?! 7 Things to do in Bali:

1) Climb Mount Batur - Ubud.
Girl stood conquers on Mount Batur, Bali

See, unlike my two travel hunnies, I’m not much of a fitness fanatic. So, when I say climbing this mountain was horrendous, I mean it. I could’ve cried if it wasn’t for the helpful Balinese man saving me from falling to my death a couple of times. With all that being said – once we got to the top… it was phenomenal and totally worth it. We started the trek at 4am and had 2-3 hours to make it to the top to see the sunrise. We did. Till this day I still wonder why we had to take the treacherous route up?? The walk down was smooth sailing, literally a flat road! I guess nearly dying was part of the Batur experience. FYI: During our time in Ubud, we stay In Da Lodge, I'd rate it a 8/10 hostel. We had a pool, outdoor showers with our own little rice paddy field. Very chilled atmosphere.

Three girls ready for a 7 mile hike
(4am start, look how happy I look, "it'll be fun and totally worth it" they said)
Beautiful Mount Batur Sunrise
(It was totally worth it, not sure about the fun bit)
Three girls posing in a volcano
(Trying to look cute but absolutely exhausted)

Monkies on mount batur
(Momma monkey & her baby)
three girls posing victorious at the bottom of mount batur
(I'm looking much cooler, calm and collected because exercise is over. (That's Mount Batur behind us)

2) Have breakfast at Ruko cafΓ©
Bali is most definitely a breakfast/brunch haven, Instagram search the hashtag “balibreakfast” if you don’t believe me! During our stay in Canguu we had the most delectable brekky at Ruko. It was so good that 1) I tried to re-create that sultry M&S advert with my pancakes and syrup (and failed) 2) my friend Nicole passed out. Literally.
Healthy strawberry pancakes
I know I COULD'VE taken a way nicer, aesthetically pleasing picture, but I didn't so deal with it.
3) Snorkel & Party on Gili T
Gili T is one of three little islands off-shore Bali mainland, each island has it's own specialty? Yeah I'll stick with specialty. Gili T is more of a party island whereas the others are honeymooney. A few reasons to visit Gili T, snorkeling with turtles!!! We hired a private snorkeling trip with some locals which was THE BEST decision. Initially we were crammed with 20 other tourists, yes it would've been cheaper but there was absolutely no way we would've experienced what we did. The turtles swam up and played with us! The instructor said they only do that when they sense sweet souls - at this point Evelyn started crying. 
Bali Turtle
Turtle bae <3
The island is so small the only mode of transport is either on a bike or donkey & carriage. I highly recommend walking and/or cycling, the poor donkeys are overworked and tend to be treated badly.
We stayed at the Banana Leaf hostel booked via HostelWorld, the manager was THE funniest guy and the rooms were air conditioned so I can't complain.

Beach hut on Gili T, Bali
(Pizza Hut, minus the Pizza)
Stunning Bali Views
(Some locals cycling from point A to B)

4) Unwind in Amed
Nestled in the Northeastern coastal section of Bali lies Amed, a quaint fishing village. The majority of these beaches are rocky.  The local people are the friendliest and the food is sooooo tasty. After Gili T we decided to visit this village to relax, recoup and unwind. We where met by a local fisherman who offered to take us snorkeling and fishing, at this point I still had the fear of the sea so you know full well I had my life-jacket on - I wasn't feeling too Caucasian. After our fun-filled day we sat by a campfire, sang Kumbaya and ate fish! 

Bali fisherman preparing fresh fish
Lovely local fisherman who took us snorkeling.
underwater selfie 
You can argue my life-jacket ruined this picture but personally, I think the time-stamp is doing that perfectly fine on its own - plus I didn't drown.

5) Visit Ubud Monkey Forest
πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’BECAUSE MONKIES!!! πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

Please don't try and be brave/reckless like me. I didn't get my rabies shot, yet I still wanted to play with the infested cuties!

girl with wild monkey in bali
Me trying to take a selfie with Mojo jojo
girl with wild monkey in bali
Lil cutie ripping my fave dress, awww 
girl with wild monkey in bali
Bezzies 4 life x

6) See Tirta Gangga aka The Water Palace
So apparently the King of Bali used to live here. Not sure how, I didn’t see one bedroom or kitchen. Thinking about it - that’s probably why he moved out. Just kidding, Tirta Gangga is a royal water palace in Ubud, Bali. Built by a king, then destroyed by a volcano, it has now been lovingly restored and is noted for its immaculate gardens and fountains, which form many a picture postcard of the island. 

Beautiful Bali water palace also known as Tirta Gangga

Beautiful Bali water palace also known as Tirta Gangga

Beautiful view of Bali water palace also known as Tirta Gangga

Beautiful view of Bali water palace also known as Tirta Gangga
"ok take a picture of me taking in the scenery"
7) Have brunch at Potato Head Beach Club 

To fit the theme of my blog, of course, you must brunch. If you visit Bali, you must brunch like a true Caucasian at Potato Head. And after brunching, stay for a few drinks and watch the sunset.  The scenes you’ll see are so stunning you will hashtag “no filter”.  

Girl running on a beach as the sun sets
We were so hungry we didn't wait to take pictures of our food, so here's a picture of me running on the beach instead.

Abby x


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