Thursday, 1 June 2017

Is He Actually Into Me? 6 Signs He's Really Not That Into You.

Without sounding bitchy or cruel, if you're currently questioning whether "bae" is into you - then he's probably not. You're a queen and if the person you're seeing doesn't appreciate you enough for you to think "haha yeah of course he's into me" immediately after reading the title, you may need to call it quits. 
Don't get me wrong, some girls (myself included) like to question relationships just to hear what you want to hear. I genuinely see myself being happily married 20 years and asking my husband if he actually loves me in the style of the hilarious meme below.

Funny meme

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, when a guy likes you, it’s obvious. What I call “mixed messages” is actually one very clear message: he doesn’t want to be with you. He may want to hang out with you, he may want to hook up with you, but that is not the same as being with you. It's a very hard pill to swallow, I know, I've had my fair share of "WHY MEEEEE?!" but you must swallow it!

Anyway, I'm here to try and save you from f*ckboys of the world! Here are a few signs that he's really not that into you and 100% wasting your precious time. It will hurt and you may be in denial (I sure was) but it's for the best hunny!

1. You feel it in your gut, your soul, your entire being!
Omg this is red flag numero uno, always, always follow your instinct. Yes there will be times where your gut is telling you to plan the wedding, baby names, the lot.... and it doesn't work out. But from my experience after poop hit the fan I kept on remembering the gut feeling I had and ignored. No matter how much you want, like really want someone to love you, sometimes things just don’t pan out. If you feel like you're mithering him, bothering him and think feelings aren’t being reciprocated for one reason or another don't bother.

2. He only texts you when he’s drunk/bored and usually around 3am 
Don't need to say anything else, girl, you're a booty-call. If that's all you want, that's fine but do not expect anything else because he will leave you highly disappointed. Calls after midnight are usually for one thing, this is a major indicator that he’s bad news. A man who’s into you doesn’t want to just get to know your body, he wants to get to know your mind and your spirit.

white chicks - total booty call meme

3. He doesn’t ask you about your life
When you like someone, you can’t get enough. You want to know every story, every detail! Their first kiss, first fight, their dreams and aspirations. If a guy shows no interest or excitement over finding out who you are, it’s not a good sign. As a single young lady, my "how much do I actually like this guy" test is determined by how much I want to know about him. If after a date I felt satisfied and literally don’t have any questions I felt were left unanswered, it's a no from me.

4. He’s the best at ghosting
Ghosting is when you’re dating a guy and then poof! He’s gone! If a guy disappears for days on end, cancels or flakes on plans or doesn’t respond to text messages and calls for a week, he’s probably losing interest and is hoping he can just fade away without a big dramatic conversation.

Xzibit dissapearing

5. He stops ghosting then ghosts all over again when things get a little tough a.k.a INCONSISTENCY
This one makes me so mad! I dated a guy just like this and he knew what he was doing. There are all sorts of fboys out there ladies, don't get it twisted. This one in particular was very learned, kinda geeky and "sweet" not your typical "ayyy curly hair, let me talk to you" fboy - I made so many excused for him, like "oh he's just a guy yknow" "he doesn't get how girls think" "he'll learn" I genuinely thought a guy so sweet and goofy can't be a fboy NO NO NO NO! If he ghosts, call a exorcist and send him back to the depths of hell.

6. He tells you
It sucks, I know but take it on the chin and stop wasting your time. This might seem extremely obvious, but unfortunately it’s not. Saying something like: “I’m really happy being single” is a guy trying to be honest to you and to himself. He’s trying to let you down easy without resorting to ghosting. Please DO NOT tell him that you’ll wait for him until he does want a relationship (this will give him total power and you'll get stuck in a vicious he ghosts > you start to move on > he sends a "I miss you" text > you give him another chance > he ghosts cycle). Instead keep your pretty head up, wish him well and move on to a guy who can give you what you want, and deserve, right now.

I hope you enjoyed reading my post! If none of my points hit home, good for you girl! If they did, you need to move on up and out girl! It hurts now but trust me, it's time to love yourself and you'll realise you don't need him... and once you find Prince Charming, all these fboy frogs wont phase you.

Abby x 



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    2. Thanks girl! Don't you worry, I will! 💕

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    2. Thank you Megan! The truth shall set us free! 🕊