Friday, 11 August 2017

Barcelona Picture Diary!

This post is so over-due it's embarrassing! So a couple weeks ago I mosied on over to Barthelonaaaaaa! It was a pretty intense seven days that literally changed my whole life but that'll be another post *pre-meditated click bait* ;) Yes, it was a great seven days of carefree living with several helpings of sangria and seafood!
Before travelling I had it all planned out that I'll be eating out everyday and visiting not-so touristy galleries and being that lame but really not lame "I want the real experience" gal. But I feel, unless you know a local (which I didn't) or lived there (which I don't) you can't do that. (If you have well done)

Abby sitting at viewpoint of Park Guell, Barcelona in orange Asos dress
 (Me looking cute at Park Guell)

  Anyways, as I was saying - I wanted to see 1 years worth of Barcelona in 7 days (lol) and planned on writing this amazing 10 things you must do in Barcelona post... buuuuuut because all I did was touristing & off-sonar, I can't and I won't. Instead, you're going to get a photo diary! I took way too many so I'm posting a selected few.
Two girlfriends laughing in summer sunshine
(Picture of myself & the beaut Lauren by the pool-side.)
We were so lucky to have a rooftop pool, as expected we spent majority of our time sunbathing, drinking sangria and swimming. If you're travelling in a large group of friends I highly recommend Apartmentos Aura Park, there's a lidl right round the corner that stocks €1 sangria that is initially disgusting but grow on you.
Double chocolate gelato in Barcelona
 (Picture of amazing gelato bought right outside Sagrada Familia)
The cathedral looked phenomenal, unfortunately so was the queue & we didn't book tickets lol. If you want to see the inside, be sure to pre-book your tickets! I'm not that butt-hurt about not seeing the inside because I've promised myself I'll see it once its complete. So if I'm still alive, Sagrada Familia, I'll see you in 2026.
Sagrada La Familia
(Cool African mom travelling pose)
So all the pictures I took of the church were ruined by the construction work going on around it but I managed to take a mum style selfie that wasn't half bad! Tbh my fabulous sunglasses are contributing a lot to this picture!
beautiful architecture in gothic quarter
 (Taken at the Gothic Quarter)
beautiful architecture in gothic quarter
 (Also taken at the Gothic Quarter)
beautiful church architecture in gothic quarter
(FYI: Church buildings are my all time favourite) 
Summer in Barcelona
 (Taken on our scenic walk to Las Ramblas)
beautiful flowers in gothic quarter
 (Taken in Las Ramblas)
Stunning woman in orange Asos dress
 (Picture of me outside our apartment, looking hella fly/cute/fab & as I always say, zoom into my toes at your own risk)

Sadly, my post has come to an end! Luckily I will be visiting Barcelona again in October, I wont promise a must do blog post but I'm hoping to do some food reviews because apart from the views, the best thing about Barcelona is most definitely the food. 

Thank you for reading my post & see you soon!

Abby x




  1. Barcelona looks incredible and you look gorgeous! Just found your blog and love it,hope you had a good time :)
    Feel free to check out my latest post x

    1. Hey gal! I had an amazing time and thank you! I will most definitely check your blog out!

  2. wow you are glowing! loving these photos hun, sounds you like you had a really great time :)

    1. Thank you sweet! I had an amazing time! :)

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