Sunday, 13 August 2017


Walala X Play Exhabition Review
Before I even start this post, I highly recommend you follow NOW Gallery on Instagram! If you live near North Greenwich, love art & live music (who doesn't) there is always something happening. The last time I visited was for the 1000 Irises installation, you can read all about that here *smiley face*

If you go down to North Greenwich today, you're in for an absolute treat! The brilliant Camilla Walala (fabulous name) has transformed the NOW Gallery into a super fun, interactive, colourful and playful labyrinth. The installation's cleverly placed mirrors and colourful patterns definitely brought a smile to my face.

The wittingly named Walala x PLAY exhibition invites you to roam and wander around a 3D world of Camilla’s 2D works of art. When arriving I was advised to remove my shoes, at first I thought it was simply to keep the surfaces clean but I genuinely think it adds to the experience of feeling like a kid!
 The artist has purposefully designed the area for visitors to lose themselves in colour and pattern. Walls at alternative heights, teeny undiscovered passageways, suspended shapes and huge mirror walkways bring about an extremely playful experience and a lasting visual impression – get ready Instagram, Walala is coming.

Unfortunately, instead of running around, shoeless, screaming with joy (like all the other children that were there) I found myself getting annoyed at those other children ruining my pictures. I was much more focused on perfecting my content *LAAAMMMEE* I will be returning for the complete submersion experience a.k.a without my phone and play on the ping pong table outside. 

So if you feel like playing on your child-like fantasies, make sure you go and visit, WALALA X PLAY @ NOW Gallery. They're open weekdays 10am - 7pm & weekends 11am - 4pm up until the 24th of September! 
Thanks for reading! 

Abby x



  1. Sounds great & I'm glad you enjoyed! Definitely a place for me to keep in mind. :)


    1. Another amazing factor: it's freeeeeeeee! Definitely do!

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